A young Time Out Award winner turned middle-aged Perrier Award Nominee
Long time collaborator with Malcolm Hardee, the late great Godfather of Alternative Comedy

"Martin Soan is a gag artist, but not your run of the mill stand up comedian...  
He amuses and amazes with extroardinary use of everyday objects including U-bends, head gaskets and electronic drills.  
His unique style evokes genuine mirth and delight exercising all the laughter muscles from the belly, chest, throat and most prevailingly the head sending any audience away with a store of comic images which keeps them guffawing well into the middle of next week... 
...Martin discards his accolades and defies definition as anything other than: 
A master of Prop Comedy, Tommy Cooper on Acid..." The Face 

Martin's Television appearances include: 
Chris Tarrant's OTT, Game for a Laugh, Black Adder, Cilla Black's Surprise, Surprise!, Jools Holland's The Tube, David Frost's Breakfast Telly, Jonathan Ross's Last Resort, The News and countless appearances on Children's TV...

Martin is also a Master Prop Maker 
"Loads of props for Boothby Grafoe including a Perrier Nominated exploding Kitchen ...lots for Harry Hill, Jim Tavare, Simon Munnery, Marcus Brigstock....yes one (big one) for the Mighty Boosh....Will Smith... er... loads for Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper... Phil Jupitus.....Mark Lamarr.....Chris Evans (a small one )... and of course a whole array of circus people and comedians..."